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Kick Off into the Magical World of Football

who we are The Soccaskills programme is for boys and girls aged between 5-16 years who have a keen interest in learning to play football as well as young talented players looking to step up their game and pursue a career in football.

Soccaskills adopts a fresh approach to football coaching through our specific training and grading program which focuses and concentrates primarily on the technical aspects of football. Players are encouraged to work on their ball skills and techniques before progressing to group and team exercises.

The core of the program focuses on improving the technical ability of the players. This is achieved through a systematic approach to coaching and the usage of playing the small-sided version of the game of football-Futsal. Many football greats such as Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Christiano Ronaldo and Messi grew up playing football this way.
our focus Our attention is towards youth development, where young players are encouraged to spend most of their time improving their individual ball skills, close control and dribbling. Soccaskills sessions encourage rapid decision-making, creativity and improvisation, one-touch passing, accurate shooting, teamwork and off the ball movement. We strive to make our training sessions fun, fast, exciting and enjoyable!
our direction With Soccaskills, we aim to deliver outstanding results in providing the ultimate opportunity and coaching program for young, talented players to learn and perform well. It is our belief and conviction that these youngsters play a pivotal role in the future of football.
our goals It is our wish to develop a younger generation of players who are technically able and adept. Players will learn, use and explore the possibilities of what they can do with a ball. They are encouraged to find their way out of tight situations with a clever pass or piece of individual skill. This we believe would help the children develop their self-belief and confidence, in the game specifically and in life generally.

Our goal is to provide young players with the best possible start to football.